Hello visitors ,

To brief you about this web page  and about me , I  am here to frame my thoughts in rhymes . This is a simple page with simple poetry .I will portray some of the interesting topics in a playful manner .

Just like the tagline says ” Rhymes. Emotions . Naive ” . You will be reading a combination of all these .I will also be posting write-ups , and everything that my heart feels .

Writing about me , I am a Literature lover. As a student I was a silly creature among friends and a sincere student for teachers. Parents , Siblings ,Friends , Family keep me driving .

I am kind of introvert in the beginning , but an extrovert once you get to know me . I have these bunch of special people in  my life who keep me motivating all the time for everything I do .

Well this is all about me , You will  know me more from my poems !!!  🙂

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Copyrights : Poems and write ups are written by Sultana Khan – MyPoems