Interview – Dr. Razi : Author of The Secret of the Palamu Fort

The Secret of Palamu Fort is a mythological/ thriller Novel. With a rating of 4.5/5 it has already managed to reach many readers due to its gripping story. Recently, I got an opportunity to interview it’s author Dr Razi. Grab a cup of coffee as I take you into the sneak peek of his Life, journey and about his novel.

Ques: Please tell us something about your writing journey

Dr. Razi: I am in love with books since I was a kid.I used to spend all my pocket money on buying books and comics!When I was in college I used to write a few short stories and articles in some newspapers but it never crossed my mind that I would write a book some day.But when one of my short stories “The kolebira incident” won a national level contest I was motivated to write a book.

Ques:What inspired you to write a Mythological Thriller book?

Dr. Razi :During my visit to Palamu a few years ago I came to know about the history of the Palamu Fort and was fascinated by it.its story literally haunted me in my dreams until I came up with the amazing story of “The secret of the Palamu Fort”.The Chero dynasty who ruled over this region had seen a lot of ups and downs in their encounters with the Mughals,Rajpoot and the British army.Reading about them during my research for the book made me think that their story needs to be told.It deserves to be heard as much as possible.And one way to do it was to popularize it through the popular fiction book.And so I came up with this book.

Ques: Being a doctor, in a busy lifestyle  – how do you manage your time between writing and work ?

Dr. Razi :Yes Sultana it was difficult for me to manage time between my hospital,family and writing,but I have always believed that it is never about time.It is about how much you love something.If you really love something so deeply then you would always take time out for it.Be it family,friends or even a book!And writing for me is like true love…Pure and unconditional!

Ques: Do you believe in writer’s block ? if yes,How do you overcome it ?

Dr. Razi :I have not encountered this thing yet(even if it exists!) I researched well for my book and was pretty sure what I had to write so I didn’t face this thing.But then I haven’t seen a ghost too,but some people believe in it!

 Ques: As a reader, what is your favorite genre ?

Dr. Razi :Thrillers and science fiction.I love the books that challenge my mind.

Ques:Writing is like creating new ideas – what do you do to create one? What was the thinking process , when you were writing ” The Secret Of The Palamu Fort” ?

Dr. Razi :well Sultana I think and I really believe that we don’t chose to write a story.The story chooses us!The Palamu Fort was there in the deep jungles of Palamu since centuries,but it was a conspiracy of fate that I visited that place and the history that was trapped in that very place chose me as it’s carrier!

Ques: Your book is already  seeking good audience attention, what is the favorite quote from your book ?

Dr. Razi :Yes and I am really thankful to God for that.There is one quote in the book that is also a code that I live by  – “No matter how dark the night is,it cannot ever keep the sun from rising…”I hope this quote gives courage and hope to every person who reads it in their tough times and they believe that whatever happens there is always a new day!

Ques: How long did it take to write this book ?

Dr. Razi: It took me around 6 months to write ‘The secret of the Palamu Fort’.I could have completed it earlier but I was not able to dedicate much time to it due to my engagements with my hospital.

Ques: Are we going to read more from you in the near future? Any new project that you are working on ?

Dr. Razi: Oh yes definitely.Currently I am working on 3 more books with the same protagonist Detective Robin Horo.Two out these 3 books will be based in Jharkhand itself and one of them involves an international incidence.I am building a whole universe around Detective Robin Horo and I want to see him in the ranks of sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Byomesh Bakshi a few years down the line.

Ques. Lastly, What advice do you have for  budding writers?

Dr. Razi :I would tell them to follow their heart while writing.Be very honest yo your story and write what you want to.Do not think of anything else.Because hard work never goes in vain.

*We wish all the very best to Dr. Razi for his future endeavours. *

Life’s Notes: Acceptance

Acceptance is easy. 

Appreciate the choices people make, before you impose your thoughts onto someone,try to think from the doers perspective. Believe me it’s not hard to listen and acknowledge.

It’s okay to advise but pushing your opinions on people is inappropriate. 

Let people make their choices, give them room to learn and grow. Obviously by acceptance I also mean to back them up when they badly need you during crisis for the choices they made. 

With people judging so much these days be someone’s Ray of hope and support. It’s the easiest thing to do !

How I taught my Grandmother to read

Do you read non-fictional books ?

I am a fiction fan and to be honest, very rarely I come across non-fictional books that keep me interested and hooked throughout.

‘How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories’ is a collection of stories from Sudha Murthy’s life. Right from the time when Infosys foundation was laid till writing a letter to Mr. Tata, Sudha Murthy has mentioned many extraordinary incidents of her life. Reading this will leave a memorable impact on your mind. 

I have always considered her an inspiration and loved her books .This is a short and a light read which I will gladly recommend and rate it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐ /5.

Affiliate link for this book -> How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories’ by Sudha Murthy

Birthday Girl

So just wanted to clarify, the hype is real ! So here’s the amazon affiliate link – Birthday Girl – Murakami – book is available at only 49 Rs for kindle edition and paperback for Rs 62 .

This is the first Murakami book I have read and I am impressed by his writing style. 
Birthday girl is a short story of 42 pages, about a girl and her 20th birthday who works as a waitress in a restaurant. Something on her birthday changes her life forever. 
The interpretation of the end may differ from reader to reader .
I read this book twice to understand what the end was like 😅! It’s a short quick read which you can finish in 15-20 mins . I’ll happily rate this a ⭐⭐⭐⭐ /5 . 
This book is my introduction to Murakami world and i am planning to read many more of his work. 

Who Stole my Job ?

This book is an inside-out narration of corporate culture. The Story is about Satvik who is an IT geek, working for survival in a renowned company named Creative Tech. 

Things changed when a new CEO – Marshal Scott was hired. Marshal fails to understand the company culture and its employees but wishes to achieve high goals. Rest is a sequence of events of his acts and its impact on the employees.

The book firmly focusses on the concept of “ Continuous Learning is the only key to Survival in IT ” which I believe is the honest truth. I can completely relate and understand every aspect discussed as I work in Information technology and deal with similar kind of situations.

The language in this book includes techie terminologies which can be difficult for a non- IT person to understand. The book has a bit slow pace which takes a while to complete it. Overall it’s a more practical description of everything that happens at work.

A takeaway from this book is ” to keep learning and to stay tuned with emerging technologies ” I think learnability is a broader concept which not only applies to IT but also to our life.

Quotes from the book – ” Our corporate life is like a leaf in the river. The leaf does not try to control the flow or its direction, nor does it bother about them, it just floats. You have to search for stability in the dynamic equilibrium “

Saying that one has no time to learn new things in technology is like saying one has no time to refuel his car while on a long drive “

My rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5 / 5

If you would like to know about the pros and cons of the IT world I’ll recommend this book .

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